Beyazlı Group Company Bey-San İstif Makineleri Genel Dağıtım ve Pazarlama , machinery and mold making in the field of manufacturer identity, as well as the manufacture of an integral being in HE with forklifts regional distributor with Turkey industry producing solutions business company of olmuştur.Today nationwide spread to a wide service network smooth and fast with plenty of stock of spare parts and provide service through a separate place among suppliers to the forklift came.

Moreover, Georgia, Azarbaycan, Armenia distiribitörlüklerini incorporating our company in this field in the international arena is a company poised to become the arbiter.

HELI forklift license from the Japanese in China 1,500.000 m2 area in the world with annual production of 100,000 units in July between forklift manufacturers are among the top 10. 45 tons from one ton. "Manufactured up to the standards HELI forklift forklifts and container, as well as loader, excavator is üretimide. HELI forklifts sanaysi today all the world's developed countries have been working successfully.

Also, the first forklift parts and began manufacturing our production ataşmanı today diversified into many different areas of manufacture, mühendisilik solutions has become a professional producer.Our main products, cordless mini-forklift, freight elevators, loading platforms, stacking machines, cordless, battery-trailers, cargo and personnel transport vehicles with batteries, barrels for carrying tools and specialty products for the needs are.

TUBITAK and university-sponsored projects cordless mini forkliftimiz has emerged as a result, low-capacity forklifts that meet local needs is a product with minimum cost.

Our product design and manufacturing process engineers are using the Solidworks program. . In this way, the risks that may occur in the product being manufactured minuma is downloaded and is to prevent problems that may come.

Konusundada cleaning machines, our company serves regional Italian origin NOVA is the distributor of industrial cleaning machines. Field inside and outside the field of products for use in many industrial cleaning machines having NOVA in our country, many companies are running smoothly.

Our company has ISO 9001 certification. Moreover, hoists and platforms, especially to our many products we have CE certificate. Human health and environmentally conscious manufacturing, our company first and foremost in quality and customer satisfaction continues to improve itself.