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Conventional adhesive used in all applications will be sufficient. There is no need for additional adhesives.


Mortar: Products in light-duty mortise perpendicular to each other that should be used. Use for a maximum of 10 mm mesh in the horizontal mortar only the amount of fees generally occurs in the 6-8 mm average.

f adhesive is used so that private BLOKBIMS-H from 4 to 6 mm in thickness occurs. Mortar thickness is less than the means to reduce the thermal bridges. n this context, the normal fees requested to be performed on aggregate 0-3 mm size is recommended Bims.

KES is: Half a product shipment as standard referred to was the wall during the beginning of half-products make of use.Kolon call this process permitted in cases the products easy-lıkla any desired extent cut Can be characteristic Fortunately cutting electric spralle, straight-edged woodsman hatchet and is easy to do, repeatedly In the remaining products will make of use.

CHANNEL OPENING: Completed the wall surface of an electric or water pipes laid requested are: the installation pass is requested where again a) woodcutter hatchet and b) spralle C) grooving machines easily opens and no wall zaiyatına not cause, only to open the desired location opening would have .

MAKING PLASTER: Completed rough plaster walls and plaster surfaces without spreading plaster can be made directly. BLOKBIMS'in penetration surface very well and that the plaster is in the grip of cement-based product is great.After the shrinkage does not make plaster, stucco loss does not.

Anchoring and MECHANICAL SCREW APPLICATIONS: electric drill with a hole in the wall surface of any kind can be opened easily, the tight grip anchors, nails can be easily hammered and wood being extracted indicates performance.

SOUND INSULATION: 10 cm in thickness BLOKBIMS of sound insulation value of the measured volume is known to be 40 db. Between the natural structure of this product shows excellent sound insulation.