"Leader in building materials, lightweight insulation"


Pumice is used both in the world in our country the most is the construction industry. BIMS being used as aggregate in lightweight concrete is obtained;

• Because of their much lighter than normal concrete, transport, usage and provides substantial savings in labor.

• Base load is reduced and transferred to the rebar at a rate of approximately 17% savings will be provided.

• Thermal and sound insulation as four times more insulation than regular concrete quality is maintained.

• Fire-resistant is 760 degrees heat.

• The buildings are not affected by frost.

All these reasons, countries need to increase the use of our buildings.Especially in winter and long days have the richest deposits of pumice and natural structures in eastern Anatolia in the moisture (humidity) must be used more widely in the region have. The person who works for it is useful to know how to use the pumice must. Lightness of the building structure is very important.

Erzincan earthquake in 1992 occurred in one of the reasons identified in the demolished building was the weight of the building. Most multi-storey buildings have been damaged floor and 1st floor. Because it also turns the load on these floors more. Located in an earthquake zone so that our country should be lightweight as possible.

ECONOMICAL: huge savings in the cost of the building. HUMIDITY: Humidity is the set of natural moisture and the moisture güverçile does not hold.
INSULATION: Natural summer and winter due to the porous structure sağlar.0 thermal insulation, heat transmission WmK 175. HOLDER PLASTER: the porous structure is very well with plaster holder. Prevent shrinkage cracks.
AUDIO: Homogeneous spaces with sound insulation provides. 45 dB Sound insulation value is 45 dB. PRODUCTION: Fully automated production lines are produced according to any such requests.
PROOF: the 5-37 kg/cm3 is pressure resistant and resilient structure. Depreme karşı dayanıklıdır. It is resistant to earthquakes. RECYCLING: Naturally. YStructure does not contain chemicals can be recycled.
LIGHT: Light that minimize..Architecture steel weight savings for the building. CREATIF: The original creative designs with building forms. Be produced in five different colors.
NO FIRE : fire-resistant up to 760'C. . Protect the building against fire. SMART CHOICE: Its superior features make wonderfull proved.