"Leader in building materials, lightweight insulation"


A white GROUP COMPANIES WITH Betas BLOCK BIMS, the same organization that belongs ESENAZ MAD.TİC.LTD.ŞTİ OF Pumice METAL DISTRIBUTION activities in the field of complementary in terms of the 2005 Trabzon CAGLAYAN locality DRY be insulated LIGHT BUILDING MATERIALS (BIMS) has started production.

COMPLETE WITH PLANT UPGRADES since 2007 with the Betas BLOCK AREA M2 in 8500 BIMS TODAY DAILY BY PRODUCT RANGE BETWEEN 25 000 AND 40 000 PCS has a production capacity of the region BE THE FIRST AND ONLY FACTORY BIMS features ..


Our mission;

* Sectoral service activities conducted by economic and technological developments in international standards in monitoring, in line with the expectations of our customers, without compromising on quality to produce reliable products, aims to apply the information.

Development of technology to produce products in line with world standards and QUALITY-SERVICE-SATISFACTION We aim to provide continuity of relationships.

CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS, our industry-leading identity and idealistic;

* Investigativity, innovation and competence values, our belief in * technology the possibilities of taking advantage of information and data-driven decision, our * social responsibility, conscious of transparency in the understanding that we * tolerance and solidarity, the importance we place * country's economy in employment contribution and our respect to the environment, our * resources effectively use


* Industrial development in the world using our knowledge and technological infrastructure to produce standards PRODUCTS * LIGHT CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS SECTOR insulated in accordance with the quality and confidence to expand our market share. Fully adopt our customers' expectations, the desire to serve in accordance with